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KLAS is designed so that absolutely everything it can do can be done without a mouse. In fact: sometimes it is even faster using only your keyboard! For example, when performing a function that requires a lot of data entry (like adding a new patron or subject preferences), it is faster and easier to leave both hands in place on the keyboard, instead of moving one back and forth to the mouse to switch between fields.

I have recently updated the Quick Reference - KLAS Keyboard Shortcuts document, which is an at-a-glance listing of common commands and shortcuts. However, we know that the process of learning to use KLAS without the mouse can be intimidating.

To help you get started, here is a How-to that will walk you through three common tasks step by step:
  • Find a Patron
  • Add Quick Preferences
  • Book Search
The How-to also includes instructions on quickly using the menus using only your keyboard.

As you practice completing these tasks without touching your mouse, you will learn commands and shortcuts that are common in KLAS. But the best part is that you don't have to choose just one or the other method for using KLAS--as you learn more and more keyboard commands, you can use them whenever it is quick and convenient, while still using your mouse whenever that's easier for you.

Hopefully you will soon find yourself using more keyboard commands without even thinking about it--and find that KLAS is easier and faster as a result!

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