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Well, IRCs, it's about that time again... and I'm not talking about the Holidays (though I hope they're merry). Instead, I'm talking about the APH Census!

If you have questions, need set up or other support, and / or have a set timeline for when you want to get started, please let us know sooner rather than later. 

Some things to think about:

Patron Census Notice

Do you mail or email a census notice? If so, are there any changes you need to make to the text or formatting of the notice? Do you remember how to generate it?

Queries & Reports

Do you know how to query for registered students who haven't been updated? How about querying for students that have aged out or changed grade brackets? All students or teachers with Items currently checked out? 

Check your Saved Queries and let us know if there are more you need.

Run the Related Patrons Listing (Patron module - Reports menu - Registration). Will this be helpful for your Census process? Are there any other reports you ran last year? What reports do you have questions about?

Relationship Statuses

Do you use (or want to use) a "Registered" relationship status to easily distinguish between a district's APH-qualified students and other students receiving non-APH services? 

Do you need to make any other changes to the relationship types and statuses available? 

Updating Patrons

Will your staff be updating the patron records, or will TVIs make changes using WebOrder? 

Is your staff up-to-date on how to update records and any policy or reporting changes this year? 

If changes will be made using WebOrder, do you know how to find updated students for review? (Hint: Requiring a Note makes this much easier!)

Does your patron module have the correct options in all the drop-down lists, or do you need changes?

This month is going to fly by! So please save yourselves and our support team a little panic by considering these questions and your census process as a whole, and letting us know what you need with time to spare.

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