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6 years 1 month ago #156 by pzeller
Here is an email received by a patron that brings up some how to's that may be good for an FAQ page ...
When I went to my account summary and clicked on the button for my request list, I was puzzled when the page I went to talked about browsing my "reading history" and offered me such sorting items as "date checked out," since the items listed weren't ones I'd read--unless I'd put them on the list to read againat--but books I'd requested. I was dismayed because there were only "delete request" buttons and no more "rush request" buttons or check boxes, like there used to be on the request list pages.

When I went back to my account summary and clicked on "reading history," it again showed me my request list, which, by the way, has been shuffled into no particular order, not necessarily the order I added the requests in. I'm not sure whether I do or don't like having only 10 requests displayed at a time, instead of 50.

I had gone to my request list because I'd changed my mind about wanting to receive the book queued to go out next, Tamera Alexander's BEYOND THIS MOMENT, and in the past, when such a thing happened, I simply went through my request list and deleted the title; as long as I did that before the library opened on the morning when the book was scheduled to go out, it was no longer listed as ready to ship, and I could pick something new to go out next. Unfortunately, BEYOND THIS MOMENT did not appear in my request list. I may figure out how to delete it before it goes out to me Monday, but I'll miss simply being able to go through the big request list and delete it.

Do you think you can sort out the request list from the reading history list, so that the site knows the difference and shows the one I ask for? It would be nice to be able to go through the request list and click on the ones I want rushed service on, like I used to.

If that gets sorted out, and there's a button or check box for rushing service on a request, maybe I could switch to telling the site which one from my list to send next? If it's going to be hard to delete something after it gets into the shipping queue, I might want more control over what comes next, but without having to call during open hours.

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