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Have you been using the Announcements feature of your WebOPAC?

You can easily add, update, or remove text announcements to keep in touch with your OPAC users. Some of you do this to let your patrons know about planned maintenance or library closures... Maryland State Library LBPH (for example) puts up all kinds of library announcements!

Is there anything you'd like to share with your patrons? Here's how:
  1. Open the View Menu > Administration > Cross Ref Maintenance
  2. Open the OpacLibraryAlert facet and Add a new XRef.
  3. Give the message a descriptive and unique Alert ID. Set Alert Active to yes.
    • Enter the text of the announcement in the Alert reference. If any formatting is needed, you can use HTML
    • Enter a Start Date and End Date if desired
    • Enter the Injection Point. This is where the message will be displayed. To include the announcement on the main Welcome page, enter "home"

Not comfortable going into the cross references, or adding HTML formatting? We can help! Just please make sure to tell us where you want the message, the exact text and formatting, and how long it should be displayed.

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