UC2019 Resource Round-up

2 years 11 months ago #659 by patrick20k

I hope everyone who attended the conference is well on their way to being settled back in and caught up at home. If you're ready to go back over your notes and share resources with your coworkers, or if you weren't able to come down to Florida and join us, here are a few resources to help:
. Some of the latest additions include the Responding to Changing Service Models presentation on Duplication in KLAS, the addition of the handout for Writing Accessible Instructions (with my apologies for not including it initially, as I had meant to), and the recording of the live-streamed Keystone Highlights and New Features Presentations (starting just a minute into the Keystone Highlights, due to a technical glitch).
. They can then be used for training new staff, or challenging existing staff to improve their KLAS expertise even more! If you have any questions about using or modifying these worksheets, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you.
  • Still want more info on new features and improvements in version 7.7? The Release List is now posted.
(PS, if you've requested a 7.7 preview database, watch your inbox! Customer Support has been moving through their list of final checks, so your authorization key and welcome packet may be coming soon!)

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