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Training, Live, and keeping them straight

4 years 7 months ago #722 by patrick20k
All KLAS databases come with a Training version (and in 7.7 a Preview version) so that you can try out new features, train staff, and otherwise "mess around" in KLAS without affecting your real data.

But you don't want to accidentally do a day's work in your Training database, or start playing around while you are accidentally in Live. So how can you be sure to keep them straight?

1. On log-in
When logging in, your Library is automatically selected when you enter your Login Name. Make it a habit to glance at that--if it says [Preview] or [Training], you'll know for sure.

Also, we now add TR_ before every Login Name when we set up a training database, so you have to match the correct login to the correct database. (If this is not in place in your training database, let us know!)

2. Once open
I do not recommend having both databases open at once, since that gives you so much opportunity to use the wrong one. But sometimes you may want to compare records, or need Live open to handle patron calls while you check things out in training.

When that is the case, select the KLAS Desktop to check which database you are in. The KLAS Desktop will include [Preview] or [Training] beside your library name, just like the log-in screen.

If you minimize the Desktop, all associated windows will go with it. So if a patron calls in while you have Training open, find the Training desktop and minimize it! Then you can be sure all remaining windows are safe to use for the patron.

B) I hope these tips help you feel confident in using (not mis-using) your Training and Demo databases! As always, let us know if you have questions or need additional support.

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