Regarding NLS Operations Alert 21-03 "Boy's Life"

1 year 5 months ago #1007 by patrick20k
In response to Op-Alert 21-3, we have updated the Boy's Life (SER-BYL1) catalog record in all Hosted and Self-Hosted databases.

The Serial KlasID has been Updated to SER-SCO1 and the title changed to "SCOUT LIFE". We also adjusted the main Basic Caption and Pattern from "boys-life_" to "scout-life_" to accommodate loading BARD statistics for the new title.

To make it possible to load BARD transactions for back issues, we have also added a second Cation and Pattern to the SER-SCO1 record under the type Supplement. This Pattern has the original "boys-life_" title to match any back issues that remain available on BARD.

After your next BARD load, please be sure to check your errors and let us know if there are any problems related to SER-SLN9.

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