Deleting a Serial? Not so fast!!

1 year 3 months ago #907 by patrick20k
If you are no longer circulating a certain magazine, it may make sense to delete the serial record. But hold your horses!

Even if there are no new issues and you no longer send out the magazine, patrons may still be able to download those back-issues from BARD. For those BARD circulations to load, you need that serial record to still be in place.

If the serial is not available for download, and you are really, really sure that you want the record gone, go to the Subscribers tab first and delete everyone listed there. Only proceed to delete the record once it has NO subscribers.

If you're ever in doubt about whether it is safe to remove a record, feel free to get in touch! We're happy to take a look with you and make sure there isn't anything you've missed.

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