Request: Report Showing PatLangs for Active Patrons

1 year 4 months ago #1395 by dmalosh
With the massive influx of non-English titles (I'm trying to make a conscious effort to avoid saying "foreign language" because it's not accurate), it would be nice to see the distribution of Active patrons and their preferred reading languages (PatLangs from Preferences). I couldn't find an easy way to do this in KLAS. 

Could a report be created showing such information?  Would other folks like to see this?

FYI: The only way I could get this info was to query each PatLang one at a time. Here's the recipe I used. Please call me out if I did something wrong.
  1. At KLAS main menu I went to View >> Administration >> Code Maintenance >> selected PatLang from Code Name drop down.
  2. I opened a spreadsheet and manually copied and pasted all 59 PatLang descriptions and Codes. (I wished there was an export option here!)
  3. In Patron Module, I ran the following query for each of our 59 codes...

    Quick Search tab:
    Main Status | Begins | A (for active patrons)

    Advanced Search tab:
    Preference | Type | PatLang
    Preference | Code | {3 lettered code, i.e. "ENG" for English}

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1 year 4 months ago #1396 by dinabenson
Hi Dan, could you do a search for all Active patrons, then a search for all Active ENG patrons, then Merge Queries, in A not B? You'll probably watch the blue circle spin for quite a while, and I find that those huge query sets go more smoothly first thing in the morning, but may be less brain-breaking.

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