Auto-Populate User's Email Address When Loading BARD Circs

1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #1388 by dmalosh
Background: I shared the following suggestion several months ago at a KDAC meeting. I’m documenting on the forum to remind KLAS developers and to see if others would appreciate this feature.

Patron Module >> Tools >> Load BARD Circs

Within the Load BARD Circulations pop-up window…

Could the Run Option default to “Load via Batch Manager” (instead of the current default: “Load Now”)?

And, most importantly, could our email address automatically populate in the Email Address field?

This assumes our library’s KLAS admins have added our email address to the “User email address” field found on the Other Info tab.

To get here, go to the main KLAS menu >> View >> Administration >> Security Control >> expand “1. Security maintenance” and select Users >> select a user.

Essentially what would happen when someone opens Load BARD Circs KLAS would consider who the person is that logged into KLAS and the system would pull from that user's email address field.

Have KLAS developers investigated this?  (Maybe it's been determined that's it's not feasible... I don't want to be pestering if that's the case.)

Would other users like this automation?
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1 year 5 months ago #1389 by maureen
ABSOLUTELY! would very very very much enjoy this addition! :)

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