VA Starter Packs (or make your own)

2 months 4 weeks ago - 2 months 4 weeks ago #1206 by patrick20k
NLS recently curated several "starter packs" that can be added to a patron's BARD account as part of the VA Rapid Intake program. You can also easily add these lists (or a custom starter pack or reading program list of your own) to a patron's request list or service queue in KLAS!

1. Create a .txt file in Notepad with each book's KLAS ID on it's own line, and a final line return at the end.
2. In Quick Request, use the Add File function to load the whole list.
3. For Duplication patrons, you can then use the Dup Order button to drop the whole list into a Duplication Order.

I've created ready-to-use txt files for each of the VA Starter Packs--if you want to offer these to new patrons, just download them all and save them to your workstation. Do you have a starter pack of your own, or any other curated lists you'd like to share? If so, leave them here! 
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