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3 years 3 months ago #1028 by dylcalhoon
Good morning!

We're working on getting some patron's contacts added into KLAS to have them receive the TBT's when they are available. Right now we're not sure on what 'Service Type' would be the most appropriate for this. Also we want to make sure we can easily find them for reporting. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!


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3 years 3 months ago #1029 by patrick20k
Oh, nice idea!
You'll need to use the XCMLS service type to keep the contact out of PIMMS. Since they are not a patron, they should not be reported to NLS as such.

I also recommend a patron type of OR / Special Request. That should be a unique patron type, so you can easily find them. If you're already using that one for something else, we can set up a new type, such as OC / Only TBT Catalog. The important part is that it begins with O (for Other), not P (for Patron).

So the recommended settings for this are:
Patron Type: OR / Special Request (or similar)
Service Type: XCMLS

Note that, because the contact person is not being added to PIMMS, they can't receive the TBT subscription directly from NLS. You can easily get labels to send them the catalog from your own supply:
  1. In the patron module, Query for Patron Type | Equals | OR
  2. Double-click (or select and enter) on any result to open the Query Set
  3. Select Labels from the Functions menu
  4. Select the radio button to Print Labels for Entire Query
  5. Select the appropriate label stock and printer, then select Print.

Alternatively, you could add "Local TBT" as a consumable in your Catalog, so it can be assigned to the patron contacts (and patrons who need a replacement copy) as needed. If you'd rather go with this option, send us an email and we'll help you with the set-up.

Finally, while the Patron Type should be enough to uniquely identify them for queries, you might consider adding a Comment on the record as well. This may be more obvious to your RAs when talking to the contact on the phone. A Note Type of ALERT and Comment Subject of Non-Patron Contact Person might be good.
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