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2 years 1 month ago #889 by patrick20k
This is a neat feature of 7.7 that could easily be overlooked... but I think once you get to know it, you'll love it!

Do you have a patron who likes to email in their request list?
Do you put seasonal titles or staff picks in your newsletter, and get patrons asking you to send them the whole list?

You can put that whole list on the patron's request list or service queue without needing to retype all of those DB numbers.
  1. Copy and paste the list into Notepad (or another basic text editor--not Word, which adds formatting).
  2. Delete any extra "stuff" and make sure the numbers each on their own line, in this format: DB012345
  3. Save it as a .txt file.
  4. In Quick Requests, click Import List and select the file you just made.

If you have a 3-letter prefix, such as DBC or DBF, they do not need the leading 0--they just go in as DBC12345.

It gets better: this function is also available in the Add HasHad window! Now, if you get a Transfer-In patron from a non-KLAS library, ask them to email it instead of sending the hardcopy. Again, just copy and paste the whole list to notepad, do a smidge of clean-up if needed, and load them all at once.

Hopefully this feature saves you a little time and wrist strain, and prevents a few patrons from getting "typo" requests. Still have questions? Let me know!

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