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Do you have a patron that wants to delete a pile of their old requests, or worse, has a bunch of RC requests sitting around unable to be filled? There's a tool to help with that!

If your library has started, or is considering duplication, this is especially useful. After all, you probably don't have physical copies of a lot of those early DBs, but they probably are available for duplication! Make sure that your patrons get those outstanding requests they've been waiting on... and not cartridges full of Titles they've lost interest in.

  1. In the Functions menu, select Requests/Reserves, then Bulk Reserves.
  2. Double-check the Patron ID to make sure the correct record is selected.
  3. To delete or update only old reserves, enter a date range.
    For example, you could enter 01/01/1900 through 01/01/2009 to only delete requests from more than 10 years ago.
  4. Narrow down Reserve Type and/or Medium to make sure you are affecting only the intended requests.
    For example, you might not want Reserves included, so you could set Reserve Type to "Request."
  5. Look over everything one more time! Once requests or reserves are deleted, they are gone, and cannot be restored unless they happen to be in your training database.

Once you've double-checked everything, select "Delete" to remove outdated requests, or "Move to DB" to attempt to update RC requests to DB.

As always, if you want more help or just want to run it past us to be sure, give us a call! Customer Support is happy to help. B)

Oops--one last thing! This only affects one patron at a time--it's meant for cleanup when you're reviewing a Patron's record and notice that their request list needs some help. If you need this process to be applied to all Patrons (with the same parameters), let us know and we'll work with you to run an across-the-board sweep.
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