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The Reader Services Queue is a great way to divvy out patrons in need of service to the Reader Advisors. But what do you do when one of those RAs is out of the office? For shorter vacations, it usually isn’t a problem for their RSQueue reasons to wait around for them to come back... but if someone goes on parental leave, takes a family medical leave, goes on an extended cruise (they’ll take me with them, right?) you might not want to leave their patrons hanging in the meantime.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to handle that!

In the Divide RSQueue window, the Rules tab lists the how service reasons are divided are applied in order. KLAS uses the listed rules to assign reasons to users, going down the list until it runs out of reasons to assign.

In this list, find the username of the person who will be out, and update that rule to swap in the username of the person who will be backing them up while they are gone. Then, when the original RA returns, switch their username back in to return everything to normal.

While you're there, you might consider adding a "catch all" reason to the very bottom of the list, to assign anything left over to whichever user should act as back-up.

The rule could be: Last Name | Is Between| a | zzz

Once you've saved the new rule, double check that it is last according to the seq (sequence) column. Having a rule like this will ensure that if there are any gaps in your other rules, nothing will slip through the cracks.

We hope this helps you keep track of your patron service needs!

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