Quick Request--maybe even quicker than you think

3 years 3 months ago #608 by patrick20k
If you spend much time entering patron requests, you’ve probably noticed that the Quick Request window doesn’t move with you as you change records. But did you know it’s like that for a reason?

The Quick Request window is not synchronized to the Patron Module because it has its own lookup!

You may have used this screen a thousand times without realizing it, but there is a lookup button (with its usual binoculars icon) beside the Patron ID field. That’s there so that if you have a clerk or volunteer who enters a stack of TBT request forms for you every other month, they don’t have to use the patron module to open each record individually and wait for each one to load. Instead, they can leave the Quick Request window open, and just use the find right there in the tool itself to select the next patron in their stack!

Do your data entry person a favor and make sure they know about this: it may not speed things up much for changing records and entering new requests once, but it will really add up as they move through that seemingly never-ending flood of request lists!

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