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3 years 5 months ago #588 by patrick20k
Did you know that you can create a note on an item record that will be displayed on check-in? And even better, you can do so right from the patron's item list.

This feature makes it fast and easy to address situations like defective cartridges or "I just realized I sent that back in the wrong case!" The next time you get that sort of call:
  1. Find and select the item on the patron's Items tab.
  2. Use the Pencil icon or Ctrl+O to open the record for modification.
  3. There is a Notes field in the right-hand column, just after the Barcode. Fill in your desired note and Save the record.
  4. When the item is scanned into Interactive Check-In, the Note will appear as you entered it. Once dismissed, the Note is removed--no need to manually delete it.

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