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3 years 10 months ago #529 by patrick20k
I'm using the Bath Patron Status Review tool, but some of these patrons won't post! What gives?!

Batch Patron Status Review (BPSR) is a wonderful utility for changing patron statuses in bulk, helping to move patron records through the Active > Suspended > Withdrawn > Purged cycle in a timely fashion. However, the utility does not return error messages. If patron records cannot be posted and the status changed, the utility can't tell you why--it just leaves them alone, and they will keep appearing in your list.

To find out what the problem is, click on the patron in the Batch Patron Status Review list, which will open that record in the Patron module. On the Main Tab, select Modify record and then manually change the patron Main Status to the status that BPSR is trying to advance them to.

When you try to Save the patron status change, KLAS will return an error message, identifying why this patron could not Post in the BPSR.

A few possible errors you may encounter:
  • Patron has unsubmitted CMLS updates - These are left over from the CMLS > PIMMS transition. Contact Customer Support with the Patron ID and the error, and we can clear those out.

  • Patron has a subscription to be cancelled, but no corresponding medium - When cancelling a subscription, KLAS needs to be able to reference the medium to properly update the profile. If you encounter this error, just add the medium back to the patron's profile. You will then be able to cancel the subscription and update the patron's status as needed.

  • Patron has OUT items associated with a deleted title, or a subscription to a deleted serial - To resolve these errors, the deleted title or serial will need to be restored. Contact us if you need assistance restoring the deleted record.

  • KLAS can't lock the Holding Statistics record to update status - Sometimes when you are updating a large number of equipment or item records, KLAS runs into this error. Try again later in the day or the next morning, and if it still won't go through, let us know.

Hopefully your next Batch Patron Status Review will go smoothly, but if you do run into errors, track them down via the Patron record Main Tab and let us know any time you need assistance. Good luck!

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