Program Code in Patron Main Module

4 years 3 weeks ago #493 by ricardoclbpd
Hi, fellow KLAS users, in LBPD CA1C we used the program code to track who is interested in receiving the Voter Information Pamphlet by adding it as a program code Z / Registered Voter. We have added a magazine subscription and track people that are interested in receiving the information by subscribing them to it. We no longer need to use that code to keep track of people that need voting information. We thought about changing the program code to "Digitized Application" so we can keep track of the applications that we have already scanned. Does anyone else use the "Program" code to track any other information? I don't want to make the changes and then find better uses for it. Thanks for the ideas. I have added a screen shoot just in case its not clear. Thanks in advance.

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