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Have you noticed the “Note Type” column in the Comments browse?

You can use Note Types to help consistently identify certain types of comments on Patron records. The Comments browse sorts by Note Type first by default, making notes with a specified Type quick to spot—and keeping important notes from being “buried” by more recent comments. We will also be adding Note Types to the Query – Advanced Search options in an upcoming update, making this feature even more useful!

A few Note Types that may be useful are: OnHold; PCC; BookClub; or Alert!

Want to have a Note Type or several created for your library or IRC to use? Contact Ks7 and let us know what type(s) to add—and don’t forget to chime in here if this tip was helpful for you, with questions, or to share what you’re using!

The attachment is a screenshot of Note Types in use (in our random-data User's Conference database--don't worry, no real patron data is being distributed).
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