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Did you know that you can request the Transfer In of a Patron through KLAS, without needing to get a hold of the transferring library?

The implementation of the PIMMS database made it possible to request the Transfer-In of any Patron, even from non-KLAS libraries. To initiate the transfer request:
  1. In the Patron Module, use the Functions Menu or Alt+Ctrl+T to open Patron Transfer.
  2. Navigate to the Initiate Incoming tab and then use the Find button to open the patron lookup.
  3. Search PIMMS for the patron using their Circulation/CMLS ID (if known) or their full name. Select the correct patron from the browse table of results.
  4. Double-check the patron information and the Gaining Library combo-box on the Patron Transfer screen. When everything is correct, Save the request.
  5. Once the losing library approves the transfer request, the Patron’s record will be created in KLAS based on the transferred-in data.

No matter how the transfer is initiated, different librarys' records will come in with more or less data, depending on how easy it is to accurately "translate" the information into your KLAS database. Nonetheless, we hope that this functionality makes it easier and quicker for you to get patrons into your system so they can start service!
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