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If you've been upgraded recently, you may have noticed a change with the Training database. We at Keystone have always been concerned that users might accidentally log in to the Training database, instead of the Production database and do their day's work in the wrong area. That's why we've removed the shortcut to Training that used to be on everyone's desktop. (You now get to Training using your Start - Programs menu).

In recent upgrades, we've adopted an additional safety feature. When we refresh the data in the Training database (making it a copy of the live), we are also putting a prefix of tr_ in front of every login ID. So a user who's login is smithj would log into Training as tr_smithj The passwords are not affected, so it should be the same password as they had in Production. This way, logging in to Training has to be a deliberate act - not something that happens accidentally.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, or need help getting into the Training Database, please contact Keystone at
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