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Have you used your Training database lately?

Every installation of KLAS includes shortcuts to both your real, live database and a training database. The latter does not trigger any circulation, any PIMMS updates, or any patron notifications, so it's perfect for training new staff.

You can also "try out" functions or settings that you feel unsure about; that way, even if you accidentally purge more records than intended or get your settings all out of whack, no harm is done!

You can even go into Training, find your "favorite" patron, and take out your frustrations by assigning the worst books you've ever read to them ;)

Having trouble logging in? Don't forget to add tr_ in front of your username (your password will be the same as in Live, unless you've changed it since the latest refresh). For example, if my login was katy, then my training login would be tr_katy. We implemented this change to keep anyone from logging into Training accidentally, and either losing all of their work that day or needing to back-trace and find everything they did in the wrong interface.

Your training database is "refreshed" with all the records and settings from your live database as part of every upgrade, but if you need it done sooner, call or email Customer Support.

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