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Recovery Update - The Great Server Crash 2020

4 years 3 months ago #814 by patrick20k
We should now be fully in the clear from recovery from our storage server (and back-up storage server) failing earlier this month.

If you still have any lingering PIMMS issues, or other KLAS problems that you think may be related to the failure and recovery, please let us know! As always, screenshots and specifics of what you were trying to do and what error message you receive are very helpful.

About the OPAC issue:
As some of you are aware, we discovered that WebOPAC versions 3 and 4 could not run from the same server. Because the server failure required us to move everyone to the KLAS 7.7 server, those organizations still running OPAC v3 were required to do a quick upgrade.

The VPN:
The early version of the VPN software needed to be manually re-connected every time the workstation logged off or was locked. There is an updated version which can automatically start and re-connect the VPN; if you need this and do not yet have it set up, please contact customer support for assistance. Additionally, we have accelerated our 7.7 timetable. KLAS v7.7 does not need a VPN connection, as it uses https encryption for much more seamless security. We will be working to get all of you upgraded as soon as possible.

SHELF Titles:
Downloading SHELF titles through the OPAC is now working again. We will be sending out more information to SHELF customers regarding new or updated SHELF titles in the coming week or so.

One last, big thank you to all of you for your patience and understanding through this process, especially those of you who have had to update their OPAC or move forward on KLAS 7.7 sooner than they preferred.

The silver lining is that I believe you will all love the new version. Plus, now that we have been through a "this is not a drill!" run-through of our disaster recovery procedure, we know what improvements are needed. Should we ever need to do a mass-transfer to a new server again, you can be sure that it would be much easier on all of us.

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