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1 year 4 months ago #1420 by sshreck
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Good afternoon everyone,
I have a question about Merging Patrons, what is the benefit to going through this process? I just merged a duplicated student patron and from what I can see, both entries of this student remain in the system, my assumption is that the information would be merged together into the patron ID you designated to keep. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you.

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1 year 4 months ago #1421 by patrick20k
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The benefits are that you can merge the item and mat request history to one record--and having only one record for each student (or requestor) ensures accurate reporting of how many people you serve.
After using the Merge tool, you should review the records and manually copy over any Comments or Contact information on the old record that are still relevant--these aren't copied automatically since most will no longer be needed. After review, you can mark the old record as "Withdrawn" status on the Main tab and delete it.

Other IRC users: any tips to share, or anything else you find has to be manually copied to a new record before deleting the old one?
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