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Do you need to perform a machine audit? KLAS has a report built in to help.

To generate the Machine Audit List:
  1. In the Equipment Module, open Reports: Patron Usage: Machine Audit List.
  2. Use the Machine Audit List front end to limit the report by Equipment Type: Digital Book Machine.
  3. Use the Circ Status option to limit the returned results to specific Machine Statuses. The default is for “OUT” machines.
  4. Enter DA1 for your Begin Model ID and DS1 for your End Model ID; that will limit the output to those two machine models.
  5. Adjust the # of Records to the size of the sample you wish to take and leave the “Run Random Sampling?” option selected.
  6. Once the results, Machine Audit List Report, are returned use the Save As or Save Page As option to save the returned result using the HTML Only option.

To produce mailing labels for the returned results:
  1. Open Excel. Use the File Open option and Browse for the saved Machine Audit List Report.
  2. After the report is opened in Excel, highlight the entire patron ID column list and copy it
  3. Paste the results Notepad or any other text editor, and delete any header. Save the patron ID list as a text document.
  4. Open the Patron module. In the Query Menu, select Import Query Set.
  5. Use the Browse button and locate the saved text file list of patron IDs you copied from Excel.
  6. Click OK and once the Query Results are returned, choose the Select button.
  7. Go to Functions: Labels and from the Print Patron Labels screen choose the Entire Query option. Use this screen to select the preferred label stock and print the mailing labels.

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