Batch Check-In vs Interactive Check-In

2 years 2 months ago #675 by patrick20k
For your scanning convenience, KLAS has two check-in modes available in the Circulation module. The main difference difference between them comes down to timing: whether the scanned books (or other material) are checked in immediately, or when submitted later.

1. Batch Check-In is asynchronous, meaning that the scanning can happen whenever and wherever is convenient, and then you submit the batch later. This is helpful if KLAS is down, your internet is down, or if you don't have a good internet connection in the area where you want to do your scanning.

You can build the batch directly in KLAS or in a notepad file with the shelf name as the first line. One you submit the batch, it will display in a browse table with the count of errors and alerts. Double-click the batch to review those errors or alerts, then you're all set!

The downside is that if one of those errors requires you to have the book in-hand again, you are likely to need to fetch it from the stacks... but KLAS will be able to tell you where it's located and which book is on either side of it.

2. Meanwhile, Interactive Check-In works in real time. As soon as you scan the book, it's submitted. Any errors or alerts are displayed immediately, and the copy becomes Available in KLAS right away.

This is a very quick and streamlined check-in method... just make sure to watch out for those errors. KLAS will not advance and no further barcodes will be submitted until an error or alert is dismissed.

Have you used both check-in methods? Chime in to let us know which workflow you usually use, and if you've ever switched it up to handle an unusual situation!

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