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1 year 1 month ago #1500 by maureen
Hi all!   Yesterday there was a great collaboration between users, KLAS, and NLS. It started with reports from Dina in FL, Dan in MN, and James in MA about... I'll just say...wild inconsistencies in the records, the fiction checkmark box was being missed, in many more instances than before. I sent the issues reported and connected with both Anita from BCS at NLS, and KLAS. Anita was very receptive to hear about how KLAS works. Anita and Katharina ended up discussing the issue and decided to change the mapping: Since the use of the 072 has become more prevalent and seems to consistently use the AF/JF at the end of the tag we've changed things to look at the 072 first rather than the 082.

Nancy confirmed Since the 072 is now the more consistent source for this fiction/ nonfiction information, the thing to do is to switch the rules for loading MARC records so that the system looks first there.  We'd keep the ability to check the 082 as a backup, instead of the primary source of information... We'll work to get the change in place for all the BPH libraries prior to the next load of MARC records.

 I would like to thank everyone involved for a wonderful collaboration and results, and we look forward to the next release!

Have a wonderful day, and happy Friday Eve!

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