KLAS 8 Consideration: Separate Field for Exclusions

1 year 3 months ago #1457 by dmalosh
Considering the long annotations inherited from NLS and the difficulty of adding RUB rating language to the end of said annotations, could KLAS 8 add an isolated text field where annotations could land?

Could some subfield of MARC's 520 field be employed?  (I'm pretty naive about MARC, so call me out.)  Could, say, $b or $c subfield be employed and displayed in a separate box once KLAS 8 arrives?  Personally, I think there's currently enough white space to cram such a field in on the Title-Bib screen, but I confess that might be pushing it.

Would anyone else like a separate landing place for exclusions?  How about an additional field for awards won...?

Digression: In a world where Unrated is almost assumed, has anyone else contemplated if it'd be nice to have a note for "Rated wo/ Exclusions" or "No Exclusions"?  I could conceive of an exclusions field that should never be null.

With annotations run amok I think it'd be incredibly helpful to quickly see important metadata that needs a new landing place in order to expedite our workflows.

Any thoughts?

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1 year 3 months ago #1469 by SamLundberg
I can absolutely see the potential in a secondary field, though I'd want to include more than just exclusions. I'd probably split it into a "Description" box and a "Content Notes" box. The former would include the basic annotation, while the latter would have exclusions, awards, "commercial recording" notes (for network conversions of commercial audio), book club info, and any other contextual information that would be handy at a glance instead of buried behind an increasing mountain of advertising copy.

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