"Some letters in names use Dakota orthography." subject heading

3 months 4 days ago #1320 by patrick20k
Have you noticed an unusual new subject heading this month? Depending on your subject mapping, you may have the subject, "Some letters in names use Dakota orthography."

We map the 546 MARC tag to pull in braille information, automatically applying a subject heading to BR titles to indicate which braille code they use. However, on DB110019 - Voices from Pejuhutazizi Dakota stories and storytellers, NLS has used that field to indicate the use of Dakota orthography. 

This is great information to have, but you probably don't actually need it as a Subject heading.

We recommend that you add that line to the end of your Annotation instead, remove the Subject heading from the title, and then (so long as it shows 0 for both title and patron uses) delete the heading in Headings Maintenance. 

This may need to be done for future language notes as well; if you spot one, please alert the users group to it here .

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