DB043412 has been Withdrawn

6 months 1 week ago #1156 by patrick20k
Similar to the DBC16626 "Rogue Male" reported last week , we have found that DB043412 "Gone Fishin" by Walter Mosley has been pulled from BARD. In this case, NLS has withdrawn the title and plans to re-record it in a more culturally sensitive way (although the original is still in Voyager, at least for now). 

There is not yet an alternate DB-number for this title, but the Re-issue tool will be able to pull over Requests / Reserves from this record once a new one is available. It is also part of the Easy Rawlins Companion Series.

As such, our recommended workflow to address this is:
  1. Give DB043412 the title status W / Withdrawn and mark it as OPAC Suppressed.
  2. Run the Patrons with Queued Title report (in the Patron module, under Reports - Items and Titles) to find all patrons with DB043412 in their Service Queue or in a pending order.
  3. Remove this title from their queue or cancel the order and re-create it without this title. If you wish to be sure that the patron gets the title when it is re-recorded, either give them a Reserve for the title or a Preference for the series.

For more information about Withdrawn titles in general, please see the blog post: klasusers.com/klasnews/what-do-you-do-about-withdrawn-titles

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6 months 1 week ago #1157 by rfreitas
This title is coming up in BARD as DB104913, so it looks like the re-record is available now.

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