Bourne Series Identity?

8 months 2 days ago #1128 by patrick20k
We've noticed several approaches to cataloguing the Jason Bourne titles. Do you catalogue them all as one series? Separate out the ones written by Eric Lustbader into a different series? 

There's not a right or wrong answer here--there are plenty of series like this one that can be interpreted different ways. But consistency is key. We've noted that the NLS cataloguing had a break in that consistency that we recommend you take a look at. 

They've put titles 4-6 (the first ones by Lustbader) into a separate series, then the others after that were put back into the main series. You may want to merge 4-6 into the main series as well, or put the later titles into the New Jason Bourne series. 

Some libraries have us do series maintenance as part of their contract--for those libraries, you are still welcome to merge this series (or others like it) if you prefer the more streamlined approach. However, please do not split one series into multiple, as this would require a new series code (and if it runs into a series code we use or add later on, it will cause KLAS to send books from the wrong series).

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8 months 2 days ago - 8 months 2 days ago #1130 by maureen
Replied by maureen on topic Bourne Series Identity?
Here in FL, we continued the series.
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