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4 months 2 weeks ago #1047 by patrick20k
Recent Reissues was created by patrick20k
NLS had some titles in the last bunch of records that were basically reissues of some very early titles - but that information was not included in the MARC, so the links need to be added manually. These are classified as reissues because they are commercial audiobooks, so the Narrator is different.

If you are hosted by Keystone, Nancy has already done this for you!  Self-hosted customers, please let us know if you have trouble or need help.

How to link the reissued titles: 
  1. Start with the new Title record open in the Catalog module
  2. Use the Functions Menu and select "LinkTitle"
  3. Use the Add Record button to create a new link
  4. Enter the KLAS ID of the earlier Title and select "Reissued as"
  5. Save the link
Note: you may also notice a "Reissue" function in the menu. This is also an option, but it will also move the HasHads and Requests from the old to the new title. Using LinkTitle as described will create the link but not mess with existing Requests. 

And now, the list of reissued titles, listed by series. If you find any more, please reply with the old and new KLAS IDs!

Easy Rawlins series:
DB034973 - DB100544   #2
DB036906 - DB100545   #3
DB032935 - DB100546   #1
DB038938 - DB100547   #4

Mary Stewart's Merlin series:
DB102660 - DB011453
DB102661 - DB006788
DB102751 - DB013831

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1 month 2 weeks ago #1083 by kate kosior
Replied by kate kosior on topic Recent Reissues
Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising was re-issued. I'm posting the OLD DB number first, and then the NEW one second.

DB008832-DB045567 (Over Sea, Under Stone)
DB008054-DB050256 (The Dark is Rising)
DB008041-DB050257 (Greenwitch)
DB009196-DB050422 (The Grey King)
DB016112-DB050443 (Silver on the Tree)

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