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6 years 6 months ago #124 by Chris Eaton
Blu-ray discs was created by Chris Eaton
I'm wondering which LBPH locations have added Blu-rays discs to their audio described movie collections? If so I have a few questions:

Did you catalog your Blu-rays discs differently from standard DVDs? How?

Did you create a unique KLAS ID prefix?

Did you create unique subject codes?

What sorts of things did you do to promote your Blu-ray collection?


Chris Eaton
FL1B - Jacksonville, FL

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6 years 5 months ago #125 by massbibliophile
Replied by massbibliophile on topic Blu-ray discs
We have one blue ray in the collection, the rest are DVDs. We indicate in the annotation that this is available as blue ray, and DVD, and to please indicate which you prefer. We go out of our way to acquire the blue ray format so for us, this is an anomaly.


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