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5 years 2 months ago #519 by patrick20k
Do you have odd language entries in your catalog?

Keystone has been providing cleaned MARC records to keep strange gibberish from being introduced to your catalog, as diacritic marks and other errata do not import well. However, there are other oddities that can be introduced when the source MARC records have errors or are not consistent. One of these is incorrect languages.

Take a look in your WebOPAC: enter a blank search to load the full catalog and check the Language facet. If all the entries are correct, fantastic! You're all set! But if you have a language facet for "ng" or "|," you have just a little clean-up to do.

In the Catalog Module, run a query for titles with a language not in your list of valid language codes. These codes can be found in the Language drop-down on the TItle-Bib Tab.
For example:
  • Language : Not In : ENG,FRE,GER,GRE,HEB,ITA

If your catalog includes a large number of languages, it could be a long list of codes--but this search will turn up anything and everything non-standard. And don't forget to save the query for future checks!

Once you've run the query, use the VCR buttons to page through the records, updating them to the correct Language.

As always, let us know if you have questions or would like assistance!

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