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Bringing you weekly posts on conference planning, happenings at Keystone, or how better to put KLAS to work for you!

Patron Holds

Welcome to the Key Notes blog, where we will be bringing you weekly posts on conference planning, happenings at Keystone, or how better to put KLAS to work for you!

We’re kicking things off with a discussion on putting patrons “On Hold.” KLAS offers a number of different ways to halt or pause service to a patron, including:

  • Main Status types
  • Media Status types
  • Blocks

Each of these options works a little differently, offers different benefits, and may work better for some situations than for others. Bear in mind—NONE of these will affect a patron’s BARD account, as there is currently no direct communication between KLAS and the NLS BARD servers. 

Are there situations where you like to use one method over another? 
How do you like to document the reasons or end dates for patron holds? 
Do you have questions or need some help navigating the best workflow for a particular situation?

Review your options below, then visit the Patron Holds forum thread and join the discussion!

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NLS Monthly Inventory Report

Run this report from the Equipment Module. Reports - Monthly Reporting - NLS Monthly Inventory

The Monthly Inventory Report consists of two parts - an accounting of the transactions that occurred during the month and a snapshot of the current inventory taken during the nightly processing on the last day of the month. The ideal situation is that both different sections come to the same conclusion about the total number of machines you have in inventory.

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Equipment fields - KLAS 7.4

Programming is in place to take advantage of fields on the Equipment Model record. Check your system to see if things are set up the way you want them for your uses.

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Statistical Periods - v7 Administrators

Subject: Statistical Periods - v7 Administrators
Date: 2/5/2007

KLAS v7 System Administrators, have you looked at your statistical periods lately? Perhaps you should.

The statistical periods are displayed on the Statistics tab in most KLAS v7 modules. They keep track of things like the number of copies added and the number of copies withdrawn during the time period.

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