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Offline Check In

We’ve posted a lot lately about our emergency preparedness, but is there anything you all can do to keep a minor disaster from grinding your services to a halt?

There is!

If you experience a network outage, whether due to bad weather, service provider outage, or construction chopping through your network cable, you can still work on checking in returned materials. This method will work if you can’t log into KLAS or even if you can’t access the internet at all. All you need is a computer (a laptop on battery power is fine) and a scanner.

Frustrated user stares at laptop.

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The Stars of Keystone's Staff - Nancy

Welcome back to the "The Stars of Keystone Systems' Staff" series. Each will include some basic info and insight into one of our staff members. We hope these posts will provide you a look into who makes up our diverse, supportive, and knowledgeable staff.


Basic Stats:

Name of Staff Member: Nancy Underwood Honeycutt

Year Hired: 1998

Current Job Title: Manager, Customer Support

Picture of Nancy

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Strategies for the APH Census

Hey, IRC/IMCs, do you feel ready for the APH Census? Wait, come back, no need to run for the hills just yet!

We know this is a big project for you all, and we want to help make it as painless as possible, as well as ensuring that you have all the accurate information you need.

Right now, we support two approaches to getting the census info: generating forms for the districts to fill out and return, or an all-online approach via WebOrder. Read on for more info!

If you want to know more or talk through which approach might be best for you, call or email Customer Support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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KLAS Service Queue Sneak Peek

Keystone's developers are working hard to add the duplication queue functionality to KLAS to support Scribe's high-capacity cartridge duplication-on-demand workflow. This development also serves as the basis to support KLAS' integration with the Gutenberg duplication system. In the future, it is possible the Service Queue may also be the basis for integration with NLS' wireless delivery of content. So, without further ado, here's a sneak peek of the new KLAS Service Queue Tab:

What is the KLAS Service Queue Tab?

The Service Queue Tab displays an ordered list of Reserves, Requests, Author Likes, and other profile based titles selected for a patron who will be served by Scribe.

What does the Service Queue Tab do?

The KLAS Service Queue Tab does the same type of title selection that nightly currently does for autoselect patrons. Rather than assigning those autoselected titles to a patron, it will send them to the Service Queue. The Service Queue is a list of titles to be included on a patron's cartridge. It lists all possible titles that could be sent to the patron by Scribe in sequence. If there are more title listed than will fit on a cartridge, the next title after a cartridge is full will be the first title of the following duplicated cartridge sent.

What does the Service Queue Tab look like?

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