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Please pardon our dust: the conclusion

Woo hoo!!

We don't need the "Under Construction" graphic anymore!!! 

under-construction-2408062 960 720

Yes, we can finally say that all the workmen are gone, our offices are unpacked, and we are settled back into our revamped meeting, training, and other spaces here at 8016 Glenwood Avenue. In fact, we've even rehung wall art and hosted our first KLAS Admin Training with all of the renovations being done.

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AT Reference Document

Whenever someone starts using KLAS with a screen-reader, we offer specialized training to help them get set up, oriented, and working.

However, as we all know, it's tough to really learn KLAS in just a few days. Plus, even for experienced users, it can be tricky going back to a task you haven't done for a while. Both of these can be an even bigger challenge for our users who work with screen-readers, due to the increased amount of memorization required. The Keystone Customer Support team is always happy to help, but for those who just need a little more context to get back on track, we have a specialized Assistive Technology (AT) Reference document that could be just the thing!

This reference is intended as a supplement to the built-in User Guide and our general How-Tos and Quick Tips. For each module in KLAS, the document gives an overview, contextual information, and relevant key commands.

If you or an AT user you know need an update for this document, the download links below have the freshest, up-to-date version. Hot off the press, in a manner of speaking! And we'll be sure to keep it updated, so whenever you get a KLAS upgrade be sure to check the Documents -> Quick Ref page of KLASusers to see if there's a new version! 

Hint, hint: KLAS 7.7 will definitely call for an AT Ref update! That version will be posted as soon as it's available.

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How's My Driving?

Happy New Year!

I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's already 2019! For me, that doesn't just mean another resolution to fold my laundry right away, or the end of the holiday baking season (though I will miss all those Christmas cookies). It means we're closing in on the first anniversary of the Key Notes Blog and Thursday Forum Tips! 

That's right, we've been doing this every week since last February! To help us review how it's going and adjust course as needed, we put together a quick survey for you. It's only 12 questions long and will be open through the end of the month.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! I'm doing this for all of you, so please chime in to let us know how it's going!

KLASusers Content Survey image

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KLAS UC 2019 - How's that planning going?

I pulled out my new 2019 calendar and all of a sudden the next KLAS Users' Conference is THIS YEAR and not NEXT. But, there's no reason to panic because the Program and Logistics Committees have been actively meeting on a monthly basis since last fall and have made some great progress in planning for your attendance. Do you know who those people are and what kind of work they do? First, let's introduce you to the people who are bringing you this year's "Waves of Change."

Picture of Beach with text reading "2019 KLAS Users' Conference June 3-6, 2019, West Palm Beach, FL".

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Holiday Celebrations at Keystone

We thought you might enjoy some photos of our holiday decor and staff celebrations here at the office.

This is Keystone's 2018 lobby Christmas tree. It greets all the visitors who come to our front door.

2018 Keystone Lobby Christmas Tree

Here we are gathered around the table enjoying our office holiday potluck lunch. After we eat lunch, we enjoy a cutthroat Dirty Santa gift exchange. The presents piled in the middle of the table are just waiting for us to draw numbers and start the game.

IMG 7489

For more pictures check out the 2018 Holiday Celebrations photo album on Keystone's Facebook page.