Save the Date! Katy Patrick, Keystone's Technical Writer, is hosting a new webinar to discuss "Issuing Magazines on Cartridge (MoC): Serials Module Demo / Q&A" for LBPD KLASUsers at 3 PM ET / Noon PT Thursday, May 23.

On Thursday, May 23rd, we held our most recent webinar focused on using KLAS to issue magazines on cartridge. During this session, Katy presented "Issuing MoC: Serials Module Demo / Q&A".

During this free, online training, Katy discussed serial records including: main, captions, issues, eDocs, and retention, shared options for settings, showed how to review your Serials orders, and answered questions about the MoC Transition. 

One correction from Katy:

I realized after the webinar: you actually can use the Digital Serials main status to stop MOC orders from going out.

  • The Cir Status will stop the Serial Reserves from being made, so there is nothing for KLAS to send.
  • The main Medium status will stop Duplication Orders from being created or assigned, so the Serial Reserves can't get to the patron.

As such, either of the settings (or both) can be used to hold someone's magazines. 
I apologize for the confusion--I'm so used to the Cir Status only affecting serials, and serials only obeying the Cir Status, that I didn't think about the orders themselves.

Caption Reference:

Please see the Check your Serials forum post for a list of serial records we've found to be commonly missing or in need of an updated caption. Need help or have questions? Let us know!

Want more to review?

During the webinar, Jill Rothstein shared this list of NY1A's Serials.

If you are using this list to update your serials, I do want to note: 

  • It includes all media, including Braille, Large Print, and Cassette (all remaining C serials can be treated as discontinued; the others may still be active Dir but will not be affected by the MoC transition)
  • Pay attention to Serial Type. Only Dir / Direct serials are affected by the MoC transition 
  • Choice Magazine is truly BARD Only, and not eligible for duplication

Thanks for sharing, Jill!

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