At the KLAS Users' Group Meeting held at 1:00 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 4 as part of the 2022 KLAS Users' Mini-Conference Michael Lang, KLAS Users' Group President, presented proposed amendments to the KLAS Users' Group Bylaws. Discussion ensued and the below documents reflect the bylaws changes including feedback from the business meeting. For those who could not attend or wish to review the discussion, the PowerPoint and recording of the business meeting is now available in the KLAS Mini Conference Recordings & Presentations article.

Current KLAS Users' Group Bylaws

May 2022 Proposed Bylaws Amendments


A link will be sent to a designated representative of each KLAS library / organization to vote on these changes. Voting must be conducted within 30 days and a 2/3 majority is required to approve the changes.


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