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Workshops & Seminars & General Sessions - OH MY!

The KLAS Program Committee has been hard at work and has a new, freshly updated Overview Schedule for the 2019 KLAS Users' Conference ready for you. This is still a draft schedule but has several changes from the version published two weeks ago.

So, how did the committee get here and what do they still have to do?

checklist-2077019 960 720

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Series and Duplication Service

The addition of the Service Queue and the transition to duplication service is a huge change to patron services. One thing that it will likely have a big impact on is how we serve Series.

In the new service model, Nightly Duplication functions are used to refill the Service Queue, similar to how Nightly Autoselect works now. Duplication Orders are constructed from this Queue (by pulling Titles in order from the top of the Queue) for use with the old PCC Cartridge Builder program, the Scribe unit, or Gutenberg Bespoke.

One of these functions is dedicated to serving Series. Like all nightly functions, the function is constrained by the nightly setup parameters. There are separate functions for the "old" nightly (termed Physical delivery method in the new setup), and the new Duplication delivery method, used for populating the Service Queue.

Read on or download the attached file for the details of how the Duplication - Series nightly function will work!

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Please pardon our dust: the conclusion

Woo hoo!!

We don't need the "Under Construction" graphic anymore!!! 

under-construction-2408062 960 720

Yes, we can finally say that all the workmen are gone, our offices are unpacked, and we are settled back into our revamped meeting, training, and other spaces here at 8016 Glenwood Avenue. In fact, we've even rehung wall art and hosted our first KLAS Admin Training with all of the renovations being done.

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Notes From The Scribe - January 2019

Hi all,

Here’s the Notes from The Scribe for January 2019.

This last month we played around testing out the limits of the system with many more cartridge runs, thanks to having all 25 staff on the service now. This means we can go much more fully into things and do larger groups of testing. The library’s Duplication on Demand Committee met again so we could prepare to roll out the service for a pilot patron group before everything goes live.

The first big news, is that we have now put 12 patrons on the service who are piloting the service. We had mentioned starting them in Mid-December, but some adjustments had to be made to the system first. This week we'll pair them up with cartridges and set them loose. We'll get feedback and tune things for putting more patrons on this service this early spring. At that time we will begin offering this service to all new patrons and pull from a list of more existing patrons to add to the service. This will grow over time. Currently it stands at 3000 or so.

The other big news is that we're about to get Version 7.7 running live in our library. If any of you attended Katy's webinar on version 7.7 you know that contains a great many improvements and features. We have been treated to experiencing a bunch of these things by being able to test out this new version for use with The Scribe. One notable piece is a button in the patron book search results to add items directly to the Service Queue. The roll-out should happen some time in the next week or so. One noted strength of being a tester of the new software version is our staff's ability to check things out and test some things before we go live. Staff currently is taking release notes for this new version and double-checking things before we go live just to make sure when we flip the switch we'll be good to go. We have learned from past updates that sometimes things do get "broken" in the process of updating things. So this kind of feedback is valuable and helpful, in case something needs to still be adjusted before we go live. It also will help prepare staff for the overall transition in service. As we say around here "this is getting real".

Here are some photos of this month's testing of more cartridges (patron orders) at the same time on a larger scale. The results are promising

A Scribe desktop setup sits against a brick wall in the front of the NCLBPH warehouse with 15 cartridges inserted all indicating blue


That's all for this edition of Notes From The Scribe. The next edition will come out with the next round of updates and new features.

AT Reference Document

Whenever someone starts using KLAS with a screen-reader, we offer specialized training to help them get set up, oriented, and working.

However, as we all know, it's tough to really learn KLAS in just a few days. Plus, even for experienced users, it can be tricky going back to a task you haven't done for a while. Both of these can be an even bigger challenge for our users who work with screen-readers, due to the increased amount of memorization required. The Keystone Customer Support team is always happy to help, but for those who just need a little more context to get back on track, we have a specialized Assistive Technology (AT) Reference document that could be just the thing!

This reference is intended as a supplement to the built-in User Guide and our general How-Tos and Quick Tips. For each module in KLAS, the document gives an overview, contextual information, and relevant key commands.

If you or an AT user you know need an update for this document, the download links below have the freshest, up-to-date version. Hot off the press, in a manner of speaking! And we'll be sure to keep it updated, so whenever you get a KLAS upgrade be sure to check the Documents -> Quick Ref page of KLASusers to see if there's a new version! 

Hint, hint: KLAS 7.7 will definitely call for an AT Ref update! That version will be posted as soon as it's available.

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