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For this week's blog post, we thought you'd enjoy some of our staff's photos of the snow we got in Raleigh over the last couple of days.

Let's start with a .gif of Katy's cat Paws watching the snowfall through the sliding glass door of her townhouse.


Here was Drea's view out her home's front door on Monday.

IMG 7386

Also, these two pictures of the table, chairs, and pergola on her upper deck show just how much snow accumulated. We got approximately 7 inches of snow on Sunday and even more fell on Monday morning. Raleigh usually averages 6 inches of snow total per season.

IMG 7378

IMG 7379

Finally, this is what her backyard looked like blanketed in all the white stuff. Her dogs definitely didn't appreciate it as much as she did. You can see their tracks going off the lower deck and around the firepit.

IMG 7382

Nancy shared this picture trees in her backyard covered in snow.

imagejpeg 0

Katy also enjoyed the snow on the tree outside of her window.

IMG 20181209 0835522

And, her kitty, Paws, enjoyed watching it fall through the large sliding glass door.

IMG 20181210 0953022