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New conference proceedings format: Keystone will not be providing a full printed proceedings this year, rather we are posting them in an electronic format.

 Attendees will receive a printed conference agenda, overview schedule, and maps of the local area when you check in at the registration table.

  • All conference presentation outlines and PowerPoints will be available on klasusers.com for you to download and / or print at your convenience.
  • You will need to log into klasusers.com to access these documents.

Presentation outlines are being posted as they are received.  We encourage you to download and/or print outlines before you arrive at the conference.  During conference sessions, you will then be able to take notes in the electronic file on your laptop or tablet, or on a printed document according to your personal preference.  We will also provide all attendees with a notepad and pen for note taking convenience.

Full PowerPoint presentations will be posted as soon as they are available, and may be updated during / after the conference if changes are made while we are in Chicago.

If you don’t have time to download the documents ahead of time, we can upload the conference proceedings to a USB / flash drive you provide at registration.  If you would like this service, please remember to bring a drive with you.

We are providing a zip file with all conference presentation outlines, handouts, and PowerPoints for download.  Many presentation outlines, handouts, and PowerPoints are available in a zip file now.  There is a time / date stamp in the zip file's description so you know when it was last updated.

The following articles contain links to presentation outlines and handouts as well as PowerPoint presentations: 

  • 2013 KLAS Users' Conference General Sessions
  • 2013 KLAS Users' Conference Birds-of-a-Feather, Workshop & Seminar Sessions
  • 2013 KLAS Users' Conference Hands-on Sessions
  • 2013 KLAS Users' Conference Proceedings Appendices

Anyone can view the articles containing the links to the files, but you must be logged into klasusers.com to download any of the files.

Please contact us if you have any questions about logging into klasusers.com or downloading the files.