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Biographies and Statements submitted by candidates for Vice President of the KLAS Users' Group

Nominee: Teresa Kalber, Colorado Talking Book Library


Teresa started with the Colorado Talking Book Library in 2007. Her official title is Network Systems Administrator, but that is just one of many hats she wears. Teresa serves as the KLAS Administrator and resident tech guru, is the lead worker for the Reader Advisors, attends outreach events, maintains the website, and helps develop processes and procedures for the library.

Teresa received her degree in Computer Information Systems from Metropolitan State College in 2003 while working as an administrative assistant for the Colorado State Library. She has two daughters, a son-in-law and a fur child (a Cairn terrier). In her spare time she enjoys cataloguing her old pictures and memories (aka scrapbooking).

Statement of Purpose:

My main goal in working for CTBL has been to ensure patrons are receiving the highest quality service we can provide. Part of that goal is to understand and use KLAS in the most efficient way possible so staff has time to provide service to all patrons needing it. Our Users' Group has a wealth of knowledge available for us to tap into on these subjects. As VP of the Users' Group, I would love to facilitate discussion and training to allow network libraries to provide an even higher quality of service to our patrons.

Nominee: Nancy Jo Reese, Idaho Commission for Libraries


Nancy Reese's experience with KLAS began when she started with Idaho Commission for Libraries (formerly the Idaho State Library) in the mail room in 1995. She was responsible for the daily pull of Talking Book Service (TBS) books, shelving, and supervising the book inspection. At that time, ICfL was working with READS, and Nancy knew there had to be an easier way. When Talking Book Librarian Kay Salmon saw a KLAS demo at the NLS conference and brought back the information, ICfL converted to KLAS, and Nancy became familiar with it and helped in the transition. Her role at ICFL now includes serving as the KLAS administrator and training a co-administrator (Steven Bailey). In addition to taking TBS patron calls, Nancy works to troubleshoot, train staff, and generate requested reports. She works directly with KLAS to develop the program to better meet the needs of the agency. As administrator, part of her job is to brief the support staff on what she learns at the conference and to present numerous training sessions for staff specifically related to the use of KLAS. In addition to providing training, Nancy stays current with KLAS upgrades and improvements and maintains a good working relationship with the Keystone personnel to resolve issues and implement changes.

The Idaho Commission for Libraries Talking Book Service is an active user of KLAS and experiments with its functionality to determine how it can best meet the needs of its TBS program. Additionally, Nancy finds it important to identify aspects of KLAS that don't work as expected and to adjust accordingly, especially as it relates to the upgrades. She has been instrumental in implementing the successful use of the duplication on demand module. Her work in this area is useful for not only ICfL staff, but also other KLAS user states, and the TBS patrons themselves. Tailoring the system's functionality to best meet the needs improves both efficiency and customer service. Identifying areas that don't work as expected allows users to better understand the system and to improve training. It also allows Keystone to address the issues and improve the system's functionality for all its users.

Statement of Purpose:

Because of my experience with READS and the conversion to KLAS, I have valuable hands on experience. I also have a strong curiosity, and I experience satisfaction in making things work. I am an individual who needs to be constantly challenged and look forward to the challenges associated with this position. I have received formal facilitation training and have facilitated groups, meetings, and trainings. What I can contribute to this position is my ability to think outside the box and problem solve to find solutions, my nearly 20 years of experience, my facilitation skills, and my ability to bring fun to work and training.

Biographies and Statements submitted by candidates for President of the KLAS Users' Group

Nominee: James Gleason, Perkins Library


A Massachusetts native James has worked for the Perkins Library for 7 years.  Among the duties he performs for the library are reader advisory services, serving patrons who speak Spanish, BARD administrator, Assistive Technology coordinator, and sings a little.  James lives in the town of Dracut, near the New Hampshire border, with his wife and son where they await the birth of their second child, a girl, in August.

Statement of Purpose:

As President of the KLAS User’s Group James would bring experience in event planning, years of experience working with Keystone staff on issues such as patron service type modifications, development of the SHELF, OPAC, and subject code mapping. Time not spent serving patrons is occupied by series code maintenance and heading maintenance.

James looks forward to all the opportunities the President’s position can open up to connect with other KLAS users.

Nominee: John Phillos, Delaware Library Access Services


John started working in public libraries in Delaware in the early 1990's and worked his way up to the position of director of the Delmar, DE public library before attaining his current position with the State Library. Upon being hired by the State Library in 2001, he was made the Regional Librarian for the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (now named Delaware Library Access Services (DLAS) and has held that position ever since.

John's education includes an AAS in Human Services from Delaware Technical and Community College, a BA in Behavioral Science from Wilmington (DE) College and an MA in Information Resources and Library Science from the University of Arizona.

Statement of Purpose:

I believe that during Elke's term as president, the members of this group have taken a greater role in organizing and running the Users' Group, especially the annual conference.  As president it is my intent to continue in this vein.  I will strive to create an atmosphere in which any member who wishes to will have input in the decision making process, and will be able to participate fully in the activities of the Users' Group.