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At the 2017 KLAS Users' Conference, Keystone announced plans to develop a new KLAS user interface. In the new web-based KLAS, staff functions will be available within a web browser rather than installed as a client on your computer. As we plan the next iteration of KLAS, we need input from the staff of KLAS libraries, resource centers, and other organizations who use it everyday. Whether you are a library or resource center director, a circulation or texbook inventory manager, a reader advisor, outreach coordinator, or systems librarian, we want to hear from you. Please spend 5-10 minutes responding to the 10 question survey linked below to help us plan the future of KLAS.

For some more details and insight into how we plan to approach developing this new version of KLAS, we invite you to review Mitake Burts' "Wire Framing KLAS" session we recorded live on Thursday, March 23 at the KLAS Users' Conferenece.

  • Wire Framing KLAS Session Recording
  • Session Description: Keystone is working to update the UI/UX (user interface/user experience) of KLAS to better meet the current needs and expectations of users. As we work through this process, we expect to present concepts and prototypes to the user community for feedback. This session will provide an overview of some of the concepts we are discussing.